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Let it snow !


It’s now nearly three years ago that I stood on Sydney Harbour to have my fan girl picture taken with Dr Brené Brown, having completed the first step in my journey of becoming an accredited Daring Way Facilitator™ along a path which would lead me to the door of Justin Souter, Valerie Monti Holland and Creative Fuse North East.

Vulnerability and wholeheartedness

Our innovation pilot at it’s heart is about vulnerability and I am wholeheartedly walking the walk.

My professional background is in social work and by “day” you can find me in the CEO role at PROPS North East, a specialist service for families affected by substance use, at “night” I become founder of Emanate Development through which I work with people and systems helping them to “Show Up, Be Seen and Live Brave.™”

Time to Change

A chance meeting with Justin at a Time to Change event in October 2017, led to an invitation to join the Resilience and Authentic Leadership for Entrepreneurs team, which I accepted wholeheartedly. I know what it is like to feel like you are “never enough” and how this plays out in the world around us. I know about creeping self-doubt, about shame, about disconnection and people pleasing. I know because I have experienced them all (and then some).

I also know that it doesn’t have to feel that way. Through this innovation pilot we will be sharing what we know and learning even more from those around us.

For now, I am the little girl at the top of the ski slope, come join me and we can hit the slopes together!



Come join us!

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